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Client Testimonies

"Absolutely Awesome!! We did 20 leases in less than one week!"
Leslie K.
Property Manager
Client Testimonies

"We have used the AIM Cruise Program for several promotions since 2007. It is especially effective to set you apart from others....they all remember who is offering a cruise as a thank you for doing business with you. The marketing materials enhance the credibility of the offer. If you are looking for a great way to spice up the variety of your promotions, AIM can help!"

Don R.
Sales Manager
Client Testimonies

"Tremendous Closing Tool. The Be-Back Cards work great to bring people back. Great marketing materials!"

Karie B.
Lease-Up Property Manger
Client Testimonies
“I did a second quarter loan promotion with AIM and the results were amazing! Auto loans increased 84%, or $1,079,624. over the prior year. In addition, the program is cost effective with minimal work required by the marketing department. Promotional material is top notch and provided by the company. I have recommended AIM's products/services and will continue to do so!”
Debbie C.
Credit Union Marketing Manager
Client Testimonies

"The AIM Cruise Gift Certificate has proven to be a very useful tool in the recruitment of new members to our industry. We decided to use the certificates in our membership drive last year...I am happy to say that they worked so well, we won the statewide membership campaign for the multi-family industry....Thank you AIM!”

Jennifer F.
Director of Membership
Client Testimonies

"Instead of giving dinner certificates or other thank you gifts....the cruise is much more significant as a closing gift!"

Lee J.
Real Estate Agent
Client Testimonies
“We have had great success with AIM's cruise promotion: 17 Leases in one week. The colorful and eye-catching marketing materials made a real impact in the leasing process...."
Terry R.
Regional Asset Manager
Client Testimonies

"The buyer was trying to select an agent and they said they chose me because they were getting a cruise."

Skye W.
Client Testimonies
"Occupancy started at 89%, today we are at 100% and a waiting list! AIM's cruise incentive program was definitely the major factor."
Cynthia C.
Portfolio Manager
Client Testimonies
"We did a mailing, offering the cruise vacation in the mail piece, and had great results. We funded a lot of loans through the promotion! It was one of the best incentives I ever used!"
Ilene L.
Mortgage Sales Manager
Client Testimonies
"A HUGE success! Everybody loved it. A lot of people thought it was a drawing and when they found out they get the cruise for a renewal, everyone renewed right away!"
Ashley H.
Leasing Manager
Client Testimonies
"I have used AIM's cruise incentives with my clients and they were well received. I also found the program was well run by AIM. Letting prospects know that we are going to give them a cruise as a closing gift provides an effective edge over competition. I recommend this program."
Hector R..
Real Estate Agent
Client Testimonies
"Thank you for treating our residents like family!"
Jill M.
Property Manager

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