Program Benefits

"One of the best marketing incentives you will ever use"

  • Gives You The Edge Over Your Competition!
  • A Turnkey Promotion that’s Fun & Unique!
  • A Higher Perceived Value than Other Incentives or Discounts!
  • Proven to Increase Sales, Leases and Loans!
  • Saves Money on Annual Incentive & Turnover Costs
  • A Retention Incentive that Works!
  • Motivates Your Staff to Reach Marketing Goals!
  • Full Color Marketing Materials Included!
  • More Referrals & Residual Business!
  • Better Closing Ratios & Increased Profits!
  • Cost-Effective Marketing!
  • Enhanced Ad Response!
  • Rewards Your Clients, Employees, and Vendors!
  • Builds Company & Product Awareness!
  • Encourages Client Loyalty!
  • A Closing Gift They’ll Appreciate!
  • Great Customer Service…Guaranteed!
  • For Sponsorships and Giveaways